Don’t mind this. It’s half-reference and half… I don’t even know.


  • AM Teacher: Mrs. Garcia (w/ Mrs. Davis as backup)
    – First instance of Sibling Recursion, inherited from Robert
    – PM Kindergarten teachers served as assistant/backup for AM, and vice-versa
    – Both teachers got married and left the school at the end of the year
  • First encounter with Lia, randomly paired off with her while making holiday paper chains
  • Science event: hermit crabs in the classroom
  • Cross-grade interaction: “buddy” class with 5th graders. They looked like adults and were actually taller than the teachers.

1st Grade

  • Teacher: Mrs. White
    No Sibling Recursion possible, Mrs. Garcia married and left after the year’s end
  • “Ally” teachers: ???
  • Science event: seed germination
  • Field trip: Medieval Times
  • Founder’s Day Play: cast as a “Petticoat Patriot” (song cue: “God Bless America”)
  • Mother’s Day Tea: choral performance, possibly original composition derived from I Love You Forever
  • Initial deployment of the “perma-bungaloes”
  • Initial deployment of the computer lab? (Amiga fleet)
  • First appearance of Holey Cards
  • Initial enforcement of Silent Lunch

2nd Grade

  • Teacher: Mrs. Marino
    No Sibling Recursion possible, Mrs. Crawford left after the year’s end
  • Ally teachers: Mrs. Purdue
  • Spelling/vocab distributed via “fish” worksheets
  • Installation of textile skill “weaving”
  • Holiday Play: International Christmas (song placement: Mexico lyrics)
  • First deployment of Computer Lab partner system

3rd Grade

  • Teacher: Mrs. Flammang w/ Ms. Wroblewsky as backup (student teacher)
    Sibling Recursion, inherited from Robert, final instance during elementary school
  • Ally teachers: Mrs. Bednar, Mrs. Reinheimer, Mr. Judson, Ms. Chase
  • Implementation of experimental “tracking” system, configured to Track B (Yellow)
  • Installation of “cursive” writing pattern
  • Science Event: Blue ribbon in science fair
  • First implementation of multiplication (times tables) and division
  • Holiday Play: original composition “Magic Word for Christmas”
  • Spring Play: original composition, placement as lead of Kazoo Chorus
  • Spring Field Trip: Sea World
  • Temporary membership into school chorus, winter field trip to Knotts Berry Farm
  • First encounter with “he-who-must-not-be-named” as Computer Lab partner
  • For final trimester, classroom migration into “original construct” of the campus

4th Grade

  • Teacher: Mrs. Mahoney, Track B
    – Trekkie teacher! TNG and DS9 posters and swag in the classroom!
    – Also kept MANY small pets in the classroom (e.g. rabbits)
  • Ally teachers: ???
  • Mr. Judson promoted to Vice Principal
  • History emphasis: California State History
  • Field Trip: unknown ranch territory, Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Discovery of Languages/Visual specialization at expense of math
  • Tracking system discontinued, reversion to normal school calendar at year’s end

5th Grade

  • Teacher: Mrs. Barnett, replaced by Mrs. Wright due to maternity leave
    Prelude to sole instance of Teacher Recursion in 8th Grade, assigned to husband for P.E.
  • Ally Teachers: Mrs. White (respecced from 1st Grade), Mrs. Kerr (renamed due to divorce?), Ms. Wroblewsky (respecced from 3rd grade)
  • Mr. Judson promoted to Principal
  • History emphasis: American History
  • 5th Grade Field Trips: D.A.R.E, EIS, Disneyland
  • Half of 5th grade class reassigned to newly-founded East Heritage. Unknown if “Original Eagles” candidates were exempt from zoning-based transfer.

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