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Hello, internet. I’m Yoshi,* and there is indeed a reason for that asterick-thing next to my name– my name was not originally Yoshi, but I took it more or less as an end result of the things I went through during my time at West Heritage Elementary and the schools that followed it. If you are here in search of my present-day musings and shenanigans, you may be better served visiting my main blog Ayarane Project , as this blog is strictly about the past. I’m pretty much a lifelong resident of the Fontana, California area, though I spent a significant portion of my youth in the housing tract known as “Village of Heritage” that housed West Heritage Elementary, the focus of this blog.

For some reason, Google doesn’t have a whole lot to say about my elementary school, and all its weirdness that it embodied. Seriously. Google it and the best you’d find are some stats about STAR test data and rate-this-school linkspam and the like… nothing of substance about its history or even what it’s like NOW. Is it just that West Heritage was anything as kooky as I intend to prove it was, and that people were thus that traumatized that they decided to pretend it otherwise doesn’t exist, or is it that mundane to not be worth investigating or… you get the idea. Whatever the case, its being a faceless monolith won’t last very long.

What will you find here, aside from my memories (corroborated or otherwise)? Well… let’s backtrack a bit. You see blogs by teachers, blogs by parents, blogs by educational experts about the woeful state of today’s education system as it barely coasts by in the United States…. but you don’t hear a whole lot from former students about elementary school. I suppose there just aren’t enough of us yet who are old enough to want to go back and confront these memories and have the know-how to go blog about it, but I should hope that when my peers go on and have kids and their kids grow up and get ready to head into elementary school, they’ll begin to recall their time at this weird little school and perhaps want to talk about it.

…or they’ll want any and all memories of such a place to burn in a gigantic fire. That could work, too. Dumping them here is strangely cathartic, though!

All the same, I will attempt to point out, define and, when necessary, backhand the shenanigans that went on here. Things that made no sense and would never (or should not) fly today. Remember Holey Cards? “Fast facts” my foot, it was just a useless exercise of memorizing four sets of EXTREMELY LONG strings of numbers, and taught me nothing about math. That is what this blog will cover. There are so many other things, but that is more or less a sampling of what you’ll find here.

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