The More Things Change

So I went flipping through the teacher pages at the West Heritage official site and I find out that they did away with Kindergarten Graduation.

Let me guess. Budget cuts? No, it’s been replaced with “Fun in the Sun” day… which already existed in the past and was for all grade levels– we just called it “Sports Day” instead. In a way, it’s not unlike the “Sports Festival” events you see in Japanese schools!

But still… killing off K-grad?! I really do want to know when and WHY this happened. It can’t be because of test scores because it’s the freaking last day of school. Is it because of low parent attendance? That doesn’t make much sense either, if it’s soliciting parent volunteers.

I don’t know. It does look a little weird to get all bent out of shape over k-grad, but at the same time it’s weird to kill off something that’s traditionally marked the transition into “general population” elementary school.

Oh, West Heritage. Just when I thought you were actually capable of being normal. Never change!

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