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Or, “what on earth were the City Planners thinking?!”

Lunchtime Part 2: Silence is Golden

Oh, hello. For some reason I wandered away from this lovable trainwreck. Let’s do something about that. Today we visit the impossible feat that is the imposition of Silent Lunch. I am unhappy to report that West Heritage was not … Continue reading

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On Standardized Testing… and Possible Bubble Kink

I grew up back when schools began flirting with high-stakes testing. West Heritage, being an experimental sort, was sure to take part in these shenanigans. Back then, the yearly tests were called “CTBS” (California Test for Basic Skills) and while … Continue reading

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Weird Design Elementary

I really do have to wonder what on earth the city planners and contractors were thinking when they were drawing up the tract housing lots AND designing West Heritage. They didn’t exactly give themselves much room to work with– much … Continue reading

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The Little School That Could

In 1988, a little section of Fontana, California, was being shaped and molded from the earth into a unique section of tract housing. This section of tract housing was dubbed “Village of Heritage” and was reminiscent of gated communities… except, … Continue reading

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